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High Winds Causing Ground Blizzard Whiteouts

Highway 93 is a challenging road to drive in many conditions, but when wind and snow combine it can get treacherous with ground blizzard whiteout conditions. Snow blows across roads when temperatures are cold enough that fallen snow stays as powder, instead

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Early Winter Snows & Safe Driving

It seems we are due some snows again, and have another winter storm warning. Here in Coal Creek Canyon we are mountain folks, so somewhat used to snow, but early/late snows do still tend to catch some of us off guard

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Gross Dam Road – Road Closure Wednesday Sept 6th / Thursday Sept 7th

We just received notification that Gross Dam Road will be closed at the Crescent Meadows railroad crossing beginning tomorrow (Wednesday September 6th 2017.) It is estimated to reopen this Thursday  at 6:30PM (Thursday September 7th 2017.) There will be no passage

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Coal Creek Canyon Entrances / Exits by Road

Road closures happen for emergency and non-emergency reasons. In recent memory roads have been closed due to train carriages across the road, bridge instability after accident and even for flash flood taking out the highway and/or causing sink holes in

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Colorado Classic Bike Race to impact Coal Creek Canyon Roads

The Colorado Classic Bike Race is scheduled to come through Coal Creek Canyon for Stage 3 on Saturday August 12th. There will be road closures impacting our canyon. For overall information, visit the CDOT home page to see the announcements at the

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Driving in Coal Creek Canyon

Each of season presents driving challenges on the roads in Coal Creek Canyon, and as we head into spring we face a number them. Less obvious, perhaps, than the hazards of winter driving but they can be equally serious. Clearly the primary

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RV fire on lower Copperdale Lane

There was an RV fire on lower Copperdale Lane this afternoon. One lane should be open again to traffic, but there may be some temporary closures as clean-up continues.

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Flagstaff Road Closures

Just an FYI on the Flagstaff Road route to Boulder. It is undergoing some flood repair work and will have daytime closures. (Please ignore the “type” of closure, that is for emergency services access. Both types are closed to the public.)

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CDOT remove 30mph restrictions on State Highway 72

CDOT (and Lawrence Construction) are about complete with repairs to State Highway 72. They have a few days more work after Christmas, but have packed up most of their equipment and personnel. Thanks to their efforts things are getting back

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Winter Weather & Highway 72

With the coming winter weather (and storm advisory) over the next few days we face unfavorable conditions on all our roads, but especially on Highway 72. With the flood repairs to Highway 72 one of the more noticeable differences is

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