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Coal Creek Canyon Fire Protection District
Wildfire Mitigation Assessment Requests

Coal Creek Canyon Fire Protection District receives numerous requests from homeowners to critique and advise on wildfire mitigation efforts. The District is served by community members who have selflessly volunteered to respond to emergencies within the community. The time commitment these volunteer firefighters make to respond to incidents and to keep their certifications current (emergency medical services, structural firefighting, and wildland firefighting) is extraordinary. In addition to the potential liabilities the District may incur, it
would be asking too much of our volunteers to provide wildfire mitigation assessments as well.

There are several accredited foresters that you can contract to provide wildfire mitigation
assessments, and I encourage you to contract them.

Garret Ball
Fire Chief
Coal Creek Canyon Fire Protection District

Colorado State Forest Service, Golden District
Allen Gallamore, District Forester

Colorado State Forest Service, Boulder District
Allen Owen, District Forester

The Highlander Monthly and the Coal Creek Canyon Mountain Messenger each have several ads for companies who provide tree service, forest management and fire mitigation services.

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