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High Winds Causing Ground Blizzard Whiteouts

Highway 93 is a challenging road to drive in many conditions, but when wind and snow combine it can get treacherous with ground blizzard whiteout conditions. Snow blows across roads when temperatures are cold enough that fallen snow stays as powder, instead

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Colorado Classic Bike Race to impact Coal Creek Canyon Roads

The Colorado Classic Bike Race is scheduled to come through Coal Creek Canyon for Stage 3 on Saturday August 12th. There will be road closures impacting our canyon. For overall information, visit the CDOT home page to see the announcements at the

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CDOT remove 30mph restrictions on State Highway 72

CDOT (and Lawrence Construction) are about complete with repairs to State Highway 72. They have a few days more work after Christmas, but have packed up most of their equipment and personnel. Thanks to their efforts things are getting back

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CDOT Flood Debris Removal

From: The Colorado Department of Transportation Twitter: @coloradodot December 5, 2013 Contact: Ashley Mohr – 303-757-9437   CDOT REMOVING DEBRIS FROM FLOOD-IMPACTED HIGHWAYS All flood-related debris will be removed from CDOT right-of-way BOULDER, JEFFERSON, LARIMER, AND WELD COUNTIES — The Colorado

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CDOT Lane Closure Report for Thanksgiving Week.

From CDOT: Next week, the team will continue working on the box culvert installation and repair to the gas lines at Twin Spruce.  Twin Spruce will be closed during this time; please use Berland Road as your alternative route. There

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Twin Spruce Road Closure Tuesday 19th – Saturday 23rd

One of the main flood prevention upgrades is that Twin Spruce Road will receive a “box culvert” at the State Highway 72 junction. A box culvert is a concrete structure, and these types of culvert held up very well during the

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State Highway 72 Closures – Week of November 18th to November 24th

We have had our main road open for almost a week now, and it is a wonderful thing. That said, it still needs work, and that means CDOT are having to perform intermittent closures. Please plan ahead for this, and

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Highway 72 opening celebrations

Here are some images of the Highway 72 opening celebration taken by local photographer Dave Schemel. Not easy photography conditions but the event was (clearly) a happy one for Canyonites.    

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Highway 72 officially reopened

There was a short re-opening ceremony today. Lots of Canyonites and representatives of local organizations were there to mark Veterans Day, and another step in the rebuilding of Colorado and of Coal Creek Canyon. Welcome back Highway 72! We missed

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Driving in lower Coal Creek Canyon (State Highway 72)

CDOT are working on information to share about the road conditions in lower Coal Creek Canyon. We will share that when it is available. Until then please drive carefully as we all get re-acquainted with this road, and get used

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