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Gross Dam Road – Road Closure Wednesday Sept 6th / Thursday Sept 7th

We just received notification that Gross Dam Road will be closed at the Crescent Meadows railroad crossing beginning tomorrow (Wednesday September 6th 2017.) It is estimated to reopen this Thursday  at 6:30PM (Thursday September 7th 2017.) There will be no passage

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Road Conditions, Road Safety, Highway 72

As more roads open (Gap Road, Gross Dam Road, Highway 72 West) our expectations turn to Highway 72 East. Highway 72 East is NOT open and is NOT allowing access to commuters – with or without identification. There is no

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Route to/from Coal Creek Canyon

Canyonites, This is the latest understanding as of Friday 4:38 PM: Highway 72 is now out in both directions; this morning Pinecliff washed out. Gap road (Burland/Twin Spruce/Gap/119 and on) is our route in/out of the canyon. Road and Bridge

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Coal Creek Flood Situation Report

As rains continue to fall in this region the Coal Creek Flood continues to grow and the flash flood conditions continue to exist. This incident is far from over, however much we might be ready for that. Overnight flood flows

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Latest on Alternative Routes to/from Coal Creek Canyon

As this situation unfolds it is clear that travel is best avoided if possible. If you commuted out and/or are trying to get back, or need to in the coming days, here is the uderstanding. There are usually 4 exits

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If you are trapped…

To protect yourself. Monitor water levels and climb to safety. Yes, leaving your house exposes you to the weather & elements, so dress accordingly. Coal Creek Canyon Fire will be patrolling at first light. We will be checking how many

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Please sign up for Emergency Notifications

Please ensure you are signed up (with your appropriate mobile devices) for emergency notifications:

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Alternate (commute) routes from Coal Creek Canyon

Highway 72 Highway 72 is closed at Skyline (the Qwikmart) and Burland (Twin Spruce) all the way down to Blue Mountain Drive. Alternate routes out of the canyon are up via Wondervu. Up to highway 119 and down Blackhawk to

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