It is good to know the various entrances / exits to Coal Creek Canyon. These allow you options in case of road closures. The main entrances / exits are these:

  • East: Highway 72 to Highway 93 – the typical route down to the flat lands.
  • West: Highway 72 to Highway 119 – the main route to Nederland / Blackhawk.
  • North:  Gross Dam Road past Gross Reservoir, down Flagstaff Road to Boulder.
  • South: Twin Spruce Road to Gap Road, through Golden Gate Canyon State Park to Golden / Blackhawk, or even Nederland / Boulder.

The North/South routes are unpaved roads; two incredibly scenic routes but both simple dirt roads. They are maintained and typically accessible to most personal vehicles, albeit with some bumps and bouncing, however their drivability degrades quickly in inclement weather. Both routes have some steep & windy sections, and can have washboard surfaces, especially on the sharper switchbacks. That said, they are good alternatives to have in mind if the highway routes are closed and you need to be somewhere.

Do you know these routes out of the canyon? Harder … do you know how to utilize these routes from outside the canyon to back home?