Fire Questions

Homeowner Insurance Questions

  • Q – Does Coal Creek Canyon have fire hydrants?
  • Q – What other information does Coal Creek Canyon Fire Department offer for insurance?

Resident Questions

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Indoor Burning

A – Unlike metropolitan areas there are no indoor burning restrictions in Coal Creek Canyon.

A – There are two fire weather forecast zones for our canyon. They are Fire Weather Zone 239 (below 6,400 ft) and Fire Weather Zone 215 (above 6,400 ft.). Click on either zone to view the NWS forecast on any given day. If there is any kind of fire weather advisory, it will be posted at the top of the forecast.

See also our information page on Local Fire Information.

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Home-owner Insurance

A – Yes we do. Most of them are located in Blue Mountain Estates sub-division, at the entrance to Coal Creek Canyon. Some are present near Plainview, and a few below Gross Dam.

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A – Evacuations are recommended by the Fire Department, independent of County, but are executed by the Sheriff’s Office. As such, each county Sheriff’s makes their own determination whether to send out evacuation notices.

When a major wildland fire incident occurs within Coal Creek, Coal Creek Canyon Fire requests a Sheriff’s Officer from each of the three counties we serve (Jefferson, Boulder and Gilpin) to participate at the Incident Command Post, presuming the fire has the potential to cross county jurisdictions. Under the Incident Command System, the Law Branch will generally be run by a Sheriff’s Officer from the county of origin or the county most impacted, with the other County Sheriff’s Officers reporting to the Law Branch lead. Having all parties in the ICP increases the likelihood of a coordinated evacuation effort.

Without going into extreme detail, time is also a key element. It takes time to determine and initiate Level 1 (leave now), Level 2 (prepare to leave) and Level 3 (notification) evacuation zones. Priority is given to Level 1 and may include door to door notifications. Level 2 and Level 3 notifications generally are made by telephone / text..

A – Slash. Either file for a burn permit or utilize one on the slash collection days.

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